All advisors hold a minimum USCG 500 GRT Masters license, actively serve on merchant vessels, and have experience on both sail and power driven vessels. These requirements ensure that you receive the most up to date practices/ recommendations, prior to your journey.

Jeremy Dann


500 GRT Master upon Oceans (Domestic)

3000 GT Master (International)

Master of Towing and Auxiliary Sail vessels upon oceans

      I first learned to sail at a young age when I attended a local summer camp. During my high school summers, I lived on a schooner as a deckhand where I loved teaching others about the knowledge that I had gained; everything from maritime history, to navigation, and seamanship. At age 18 I attended Maine Maritime Academy, a prestigious 4 year college that would later be rated "#1 Best Public College" by Money magazine’s Best Colleges list in 2014 and 2015. Whilst at the academy I continued to sail on a variety of historical sailing ships, exploring Atlantic Canada, the Great Lakes, and New England. Upon Graduation I received a bachelors of Science degree in small  vessel operations and was awarded by the Connecticut Maritime Association for excellence in maritime training and education.

      After becoming a licensed mariner I went on to sail as an officer aboard two Brigantines with a semester at sea organization, sailing to Tahiti, Hawaii, Bermuda, and multiple Caribbean Islands from various ports in the USA. My main role as a mate, was instructing college students in all forms of navigation, seamanship, and sail theory. After several years sailing the open ocean I made the transition to tug boats. I took a job with a company in Texas, towing and escorting, some of the largest oil rigs in the world. I then went on to work on tugs towing/pushing barges loaded with petroleum products to various ports on every coast of the United States, and currently serve as captain of a tug in Puget Sound.

Luke Zeller

Voyage Planning Advisor

1600 GRT Master upon oceans

2nd mate unlimited

USCG Ice Pilot Certified

    As a graduate and former sailing team member of Maine Maritime Academy, I began my career in Newport, RI. Here I served as Captain/ Project Manager of a 105' private sailing vessel. After my time in Newport I began working on offshore supply vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. After several years I navigated my way across the far east, eventually finding myself on a steady run navigating the icy waters of Antarctica, supplying Palmer Station. 

Dylan Clark

Voyage Planning Advisor

1600 GRT master upon oceans

3000 GT master upon oceans (International)

Master of Towing and Aux Sail vessels


    I graduated from Maine Maritime Academy in 2008, and begin my career as a mate aboard a tall ship. I worked almost exclusively on sail training vessels, doing extensive voyaging around the world and working with students of all ages. From Greenland to Tahiti, I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best people in the business. Besides teaching the fundamentals of sailing, seamanship and terrestrial navigation, I have also worked as a celestial navigation instructor. After working my way up to captain, I decided to switch gears and get a foot in the door within the workboat world. For the last 5 years, I have worked as a mate aboard an ATB, moving petroleum on the east coast of the US. 

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