Newport, RI, Nautical Route Planning

Newport, Rhode Island, has a storied naval history. With an abundance of colonial buildings, and other grand sights, you will find that Newport Harbor in Rhode Island is a must. At Untold Horizon, we love setting up passage plans to and from Newport, Rhode Island, because it is such a great historical location in naval history. Untold Horizon is run by licensed merchant mariners who know the waters of the coasts and Great Lakes of the United States. With its central location to New England, traveling to or from Newport harbor requires a detailed nautical route plan/ passage plan.


Boat Passage Planning Services in Newport, RI


As licensed merchant mariners, we know a great deal about the water—and, with years of experience both sailing and charting, you can trust that we know how to keep you safe. Our boat passage plans include a plethora of details that you will need for a safe journey. We include the best possible route for your trip, the contact information for local law enforcement, and the location of local harbors that will help you resupply in a pinch. The passage plan we create is unique to the needs of you and your boat, and we strive to give you a one-of-a-kind plan for you boat trip of a lifetime.


Scheduling Your Passage Plan


If you want to have us put together a nautical route plan, we offer more detailed information about the voyage planning process. You can also browse our available plans; we offer plans for long voyages, short weekend getaways, and even preselected plans that we will then tailor to suit your vessel. We’re sure to have a great pre-planned naval route plan, if not we can work with you to create the custom passage plan of your dreams.

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