Catalina Island, California, Voyage Planning

Acting has a port of refuge for colonists and pirates going all the way back to the 16th century and functioning as a naval training facility in World War II, Catalina Island’s many harbors make an excellent place to port your ship. Situated at the bottom of the California coastline, it is an ideal starting or ending point for an ocean voyage. The waters of the Pacific Ocean around Catalina Island can be treacherous, however. The experienced merchant mariners at Untold Horizon want to help you plot your next sea voyage and make it one of many.

Voyage Planning to and From Catalina Island


One of the most important parts of any ocean voyage is proper passage planning. As licensed merchant mariners, we want to offer you our experience in sea voyage planning, so you are able to navigate any route that you want to take—no matter the length of the journey. When you order a passage plan from us, we will provide you with a detailed set of information, including:

  • A recommended navigation route

  • Recommended areas to avoid

  • The contact information of local authorities along the way

  • Any weather preparatory recommendations

  • The location of any ports along the way

We will tailor the plans to your skillset, vessel type, and comfort. So, you can be certain that following our recommendations will make your journey as safe as it can be.

Ordering your Voyage Plan in Catalina Island


If you’re interested in ordering a passage plan from us, we offer information about the voyage planning process. You can also order a passage plan from us, and we’ll create a unique plan for you as soon as we can. We look forward to making your voyage a safe and memorable one.

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