Hell Gate, East River, NY

The East River in New York is the only waterway connecting the Atlantic ocean to western Long Island Sound via New York Harbor. This narrow river is to be transited with caution as it's known for strong currents, and dense commercial traffic. Luckily the advisors at Untold Horizon have extensive experience operating on the East River, and can guide you through the river without a worry. Merchant mariners transit Hell Gate and the East River daily following some unwritten rules. Follow the rules and everything will work out just fine. Our voyage plans will go into great detail on how to safely transit Hell Gate and the East River. Some of the items we will go into great detail about are:

  • What VHF Channels to monitor

  • How to effectively communicate on the radio

  • What landmarks to listen for - this will help determine where commercial traffic is located, and where they are going.

  • Timing to Hell Gate - Hell Gate is very narrow for commercial traffic. Meeting a commercial vessel here should be avoided if possible.

  • Tide and current information - certain tides are better to transit Hell Gate than others

  • And much more!


Marine Passage Planning Services for Hell Gate, East River, NY


One of the key aspects of being a merchant mariner is knowing the waters that you’re traveling through. We want to make certain that the trips that you want to take are safe, so we offer our expertise to you in the form of our boat route planning services. We will provide you with a plethora of details about your trip, including:

  • The safest possible route to your destination

  • The contact information of any local authorities, in case of emergency

  • The location of any local harbors you can stop at for resupply

  • Recommendations on appropriate weather preparations

The passage plans we build will be designed around your experience, so you can be assured that our recommended route is the safest one possible. We want your boat trip to be one for the memory books, not for the boating nightmare book.

Scheduling Your Passage Plan


If you would like to have us create a boat passage plan, we offer more detailed information about our plans. You can also browse our available plans—we include everything from pre-planned destinations to completely customized plans. Let us help you start your voyage today!

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