Port Aransas, Texas, Voyage Plan

As the only established town on Mustang Island, Port Aransas offers unparalleled access to the Gulf of Mexico from the state of Texas. Port Aransas has a long storied nautical history on the Gulf of Mexico, including everything from pirates in the 19th century to serving as a naval defense post in World War II. You would be hard pressed to find another location in Texas that offers a better place to dock your ship. However, the waters of the gulf are commonly choppy, and you need to know how and where to navigate your ship. The expert merchant mariners at Untold Horizon want to make sure that your next trip on the gulf out of Port Aransas harbor is one of many.

Passage Planning in Port Aransas, Texas


As merchant mariners, we are expected to know the areas that we’re navigating through like the back of our hands. We want to offer you that expertise in route planning, so you’re able to safely navigate the waters around Port Aransas. When we create a passage plan for you, we will give you a wide variety of information, so you can go into your next trip prepared. The information will include:

  • Any areas to avoid along the route, as well as a recommend route.

  • Recommended weather preparations

  • Contact information of any local authorities along the route

  • The location of any harbors along the route

Your passage plan will include the above information and more. We will customize the plan to suit your needs, and your vessel type, so you can be sure that our plan has your safety in mind.

Ordering Your Passage Plan in Port Aransas Texas


If you would like us to create a plan for you, please see our details about the voyage planning process. You can order a passage plan whenever you are ready, and we can create the unique plan for your next voyage!

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