Having trouble deciding where to go? Choose from our selection of popular destinations.

  • Completed Plan is sent to you via email as a PDF
  • Recomended route included as GPX file to be uploaded to your own chartplotter
  • Plans Include: Float Plan

  • Pre-departure checklist

  • Route/Weather summary

  • Leg by Leg Briefing with images of charts

  • Ports of Refuge

  • Information on Marinas

  • Contact information for each port


Must be within 150NM of your home port.


Looking to take your boat out for the weekend in the American North East? At Untold Horizon we have experience creating marine passage plans for the New England coastline, and even for the Great Lakes themselves. We also have experience creating detailed marine voyage plans for vessels of all types. We will gladly set up a passage plan that includes a suggested route, local harbor locations, and the contact information for local authorities. If you’re interested in our marine voyage plans in the American North East, feel free to choose from our selection of pre-planned destinations.



Destination Plan - North East United States

Maine- New York
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